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Good Head Group is a Multi Media Company Founded by Speaking Freedom and it;s Founder Dr. Kaci. Good Head Group handles Publishing, Production of Audiobooks and Good Head Group School of Spiritual Studies.

Creative Freestyle writing is a skill not everyone is blessed with and Good Head Group has been gifted with such talent setting out to use her creative writing skills to further our Country, Culture, Spread Love throughout the world as we know it.

Kaci wrote "Its My Time", her first Novel, back in 2006.... Some of her creative works can be found online by way of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr....

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Love Gang a Subsidiary of Speaking Freedom specializes in Spiritual Consulting for The Entertainment Industry, which includes Talent Shaping, Industry readiness, Spiritual Purpose & Alignment... Helping you customize your career and growth according to your purpose, preferences and assisting clients to optimum path to success.

Speaking Freedom also does Various forms of Scouting (commercial, personal and general Talent), Placement Partnerships and coming soon venture opportunities with and without training and funding for selected path selections...

The goal with Love Gang is to offer a Loving and Supportive Business environment where you can find venture financing, collaborate with other affiliates to merge and create new opportunities that are pushed by Love Gang Affiliates.

For More Information about talent consultations and scouting services Contact Us.

Executive Coaching is Extreme Consulting for High Profile and Exclusive clientele looking to revamp their brand and public appearance. This is for those who are Executive Visionaries looking to further their ideas or simply for convenience and the ability to be open when brainstorming. Similar to the Personal Life Enhancement Coaching Services, the goal is to help you grow from one aspect, ideas or platform to new markets and International Success with Idea development.

These services encompass all services offered with an even more personalized environment and atmosphere, knowing that higher profile clients are often judged by those misunderstood, we come with a new approach to help World Leaders Grow... Love... In Purpose based business and pursuits Love remains important.

For More Information or to book Contact Us.

Coaching Content & Services

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Personal Enhancement


When looking into Personal and Spiritual Life Enhancement Coaching, it is important to be ready to be willing to examine each area of your life including: Love, Relationships, childhood blockage, Family real-tionships, self worth and value.

Speaking Freedom assists each client that willingly makes the decision to take on these services in uncovering their Real Self Worth. This will be done through self knowledge and deep souls searching. During the consultation, Kaci will ask a series of questions to ponder on and respond to within the discussed time frame depending on your personal schedule. (please read more in "How it Works") Depending on your responses, your needs will be jointly discussed and further recommendations will be made.

Upon entry into a Life Enhancement Coaching Program, Each client will be given further information, disclosures and discuss appointments . Upon Completion there will be a Certificate of Completion and Automatic Tier I Membership in Love Gang. The Life Enhancement Coaching Program is not the be confused with Good Head Group Edu-Freedom School, Course or Exclusive Partnership, that includes workbooks, Lecture style Ebooks, and Membership that includes Much More. 

For more information please contact us for a Coaching consultation.

Intimacy & Relationship Coaching 

Coming Soon Talk Based & Experimental Sex Coaching

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Wealth Enhancement

​With a little help from Speaking Freedom and Good Head Group School of Spiritual Studies books, we will assist you in the process of understanding, establishing and/ or reestablishing a wealth mindset. Legally, we can not specify how much your finances will improve or how long it may take to see changes, but with the tools that will be suggested we will be able to assist you in optimizing your route to the mindset of wealth.

With a full review of your mindset about wealth, you will be required to obtain your credit report and score so we can assist you a plan to increase your wealth. Depending on your situation this process may take some heavy leg work on your part. Once completed, you will be able to not only avoid falling back into another financial hardship, but you will also be able to help those close to you begin their Wealthy Mindset. We also can refer you to a paid service if understanding a wealthy mindset becomes overwhelming.  *If necessary Speaking Freedom will refer you to a trusted credit repair company that can help clean up your credit and credit report while you work on paying your debits and adapting to your Wealthy mindset. 

For More Information Please contact us for a consultation...

Speaking Freedom has great goal to grow into a community leader, who will also be able to provide a wealth mindset and services. This is a long term goal of Founder Kaci and Speaking Freeom is projected to be reached 2025 or sooner.

Speaking Freedom knows that with Evolutionary growth comes change, so during your Personal Life Enhancement experience we will also explore your educational goals, career goals and your life soul purpose on earth in this lifetime.

Educational - trying to decide if you should go back to school, how to pay for it, what career should you pursue... Before you go into a new career field or spend anymore money on school debt, allow Speaking Freedom to assist you in discovering what you would be good at and what schools out of the schools you have looked into will be best for you... To learn more about Good Head Group Educational Services click here.

Purpose and Career - Speaking Freedom will help your uncover your passion and hearts desires, so that you wont just have another job that you will hate but a career in which you will love the work you are doing daily. Finding your passion is the first step to great success and Purpose. There are things that you do naturally and are drawn to by your heart, for some those things are unrecognizable and for others you just don't know where to get started in the Journey of pursuing a Soul that's fulfilled.

For More Information contact us for a consultation.


Education & Purpose Enhancement

Veteran's Corner

Speaking Freedom cannot guarantee that living as a Veteran will be easy, rather disabled military veteran or not; however, we can help you obtain all the knowledge you need to assist with working with the governmental resources and adjusting to life after the military...

As a Disabled Army Veteran, Dr. Kaci personally knows the struggle of navigating the the available government resources and the Benefits system.  Receiving resistance when dealing with their certain organizations and staff, ranging from getting good reliable information all the way to getting approved for claims and signing you for medical services... We are here to help you...

In addition to claims advice, we also help you transform your trained skills into civilian life functions after the military. The skills that made you a military machine should not be abandon because you aren't in the military any longer, nor should you feel that the only way you will survive is with a contract job overseas. Unfortunately, when you stay in hostile places too long, the exposure can make us unable to deal with civilian life well, so many subject themselves and their family to that kind of environment and continued stressful lifestyles. We are here to help you adjust to whatever lifestyle you prefer.

For more information contact us for a consultation.

Free Online Content

 How Speaking Freedom Works 

Step  1: Get Connected with Speaking Freedom

Step 2: Evaluate Goals 

Step 3: Commit to Plan of Enhancement

Step 4: Schedule and Keep All Appointments

Step 5: Be Accountable for Learning &

Step 6: Applying Knowledge

Step 7: Embrace Peace & Enjoy Life

Speaking Freedom TV & Radio

Speaking Freedom TV has a channel on Roku and plays on YouTube , as an Virtual Coaching Center Speaking Freedom uses video based coaching covering every topic you can think of in a FREE Community based environment.  Dr. Kaci is the Spiritual Cardiologist of the emotionally scarred, viewers can experience some of my daily thoughts, a little comedy and light jokes, but also spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Speaking Freedom Radio is an online based radio show that Extends the content on Speaking Freedom TV. Good Head Group's Sexually Related topics can be access if you sign up for the Adult content by clicking the Parental Advisory Picture. 

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